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Vincent Thévenaz


Vincent Thévenaz is a musician of multiple talents. At present he is Titular Organist at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Geneva, Professor of Organ and Improvisation at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, Musicologist, Arranger and Orchestral Director. He is at ease playing the Harmonium as well as other keyboard instruments with a penchant for rare and unusual instruments, such as the Carillon and the electronic Hammond Theater organs. Vincent never ceases to surprise his audiences by making organ music of different styles and different periods so accessible.He has concertized throughout Europe as well as both north and south America.

He has an  extensive education, not only in the field of music but also in languages:  (organ, piano, voice,  improvisation, classic and jazz music, musicology, musical theory, conducting); ( french, english, german and russian).

Vincent aspires to diversify and modernize the organ as instrument. With that in mind he juxtaposes the organ with such classical instruments as the Violin and Flute, as well as such surprising combinations as the Saxophone, Alp Horn and Percussion. He brings back the concept of the "theatre organ" by his outstanding improvised accompaniement to silent films.

In collaboration with the saxophonist, Vincent Barras the  "Duo W" was founded. Together they have produced three CDs of  very original repertoire. Vincent has colloborated with numerous ensembles and directors; (Swiss Romande Orchestra, Ensemble Contrechamps, Chamber Orchestra and the Vocal Ensemble, both from Lausanneand the Ensemble Scharoun (Berlin Philharmonie), Heinz Holliger, Michel Corboz, Lawrence Foster and Antonio Pappano.

In 2005 Vincent founded the Buissonnier Orchestra, a group of young musicians, that he directs regularly. 

 Vincent has been a key figure in realizing the dream of a new organ for the Auditoire. He has collaborated with the AOAC (Association for a New Organ in the Auditoire Calvin) on many occasions in the past and now continues to be a strong supporter of the new AOA Association: by performing each year for the Spring Organ Festival and in the capacity of an invaluable advisor to the Festival organizers, Rebecca MacDonald and Linda Revkin.

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